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Project Objectives

A few figures will help you have an idea about the size of the project and its measurable objectives:

  • Building a pedestrian and roadway assembly, with a total length of approximately 6.5 km, which is to be located in the eastern, southern and northern visiting routes
  • The pedestrian section will consist of: 15765.79 sqm of sidewalks, 5041,34 sqm of bike lanes 5041, 20260.60 sqm of platforms and terraces
  • The roadway section will consist of: 5245.00 sqm of parking lots, 20204.14 sqm roadway, 230.10 sqm bus stations
  • Providing urban furniture composed of: 90 benches, 70 flower boxes, 130 garbage bins, 2 urban clocks, 2 urban works of art, 6 waiting stations, 8 signalizing systems for the three visiting routes. Moreover, there will be 460 security elements for securing the visiting routes and 36,460 sqm of green areas (lawn) will be put in place
  • Establishing an architectural system of public lighting: 233 metal posts and 233 lamp post type illumination devices, 135 projectors, 24 decorative on the ground illumination devices
  • Rehabilitation works of existing sewerage pipes, having a length of 2011 ml, thus ensuring the connection with the lower part of the city