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A creative act requires years to be completed, sometimes centuries. The project concerning "Rehabilitation of the historic centre of Alba Iulia – the Vauban-type fortification – access roads, exterior lighting and street furniture in the indoor area” is crediting a building which has a genuine esthetic and historic meaning.

Initiated by the Alba City Hall and approved within the Regional Operational Program - Priority axis 5 - Sustainable development and promotion of tourism. Main intervention field 5.1: “Sustainable restoration and valorization of the cultural patrimony, and also modernization of related infrastructure", the project aims at reviving the ditch area between the two defensive walls of the Alba Carolina Citadel.

A grant totaling 47.5 million RON, out of which 28,372,599.54 RON, which is the non refundable contribution allocated by the European Union, and 4,339,338.75 RON allocated by the Romanian Government, will help transform the vast ditches into the largest, most original and green promenade area of Alba Iulia.

The initiative of Alba Iulia City Hall materialized through its financial contribution of 667,590.58 RON that aims at including the cultural heritage of Alba Iulia Citadel into the national and regional touristic circuits.