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The Vauban Park

A projection in figures will give you a clearer image about how the ditches will look like in the future. For example, did you know that ...

  • 60,000 sqm of car and pedestrian routes, parking lots, decks and terraces are put in place for residents, visitors and tourists who pass through the fortified routes? If a person usually goes through 1 km in 10 to 14 minutes, a visit through the ditches of the Citadel will carry you through millennia of history and peaceful relaxation moments in the maze of the routes
  • 230 lighting pols, 150 projection devices, 12 on the ground illumination devices and other architectural lighting devices will floodlight the labyrinth of routes and will guide you throughout your journey inside one of the "seven wonders of Romania”? About the same amount of electric energy is needed to illuminate the Gardens of Versailles Palace
  • Over 6 billion grass leaves and over 65 000 flowers lure you through their variety and scent into a walk along the ancient walls? A little imagination exercise shows that there are enough grass leaves for each inhabitant of the planet and enough flowers for every tourist
  • Over 7000 sqm will be dedicated exclusively to bicycles or rollers for the benefit of those who like to exercise? The largest "green path" in Romania, will give you the opportunity to relax in a space which has been blessed by history
  • 4%, that is how much the amount of green space will increase per capita for each inhabitant of Alba Iulia, as a result of the development of this extensive urban garden? The best preserved Vauban-type fortification from central and south eastern Europe will thus also become the most important "green lung" of the city
  • Many urban sculptures will be a confirmation of the artistic spirit that is an essential part of the very core of Vauban Citadel? Consequently, the widest outdoor museum of contemporary art in Romania will be instituted
  • Local craftsmen will have the chance to prove their skills and will sell their creations in this vast commercial gallery? Tens of souvenirs, along with handcraft products will increase the commercial potential of the area
  • Up to 100 artistic events will be hosted every year within the spaces dedicated to cultural manifestations? Numerous shows, theatre plays, concerts will set a cultural future worthy of the city’s past
  • 20,000 people, this is the human capacity supported by the reconfigured routes which are now pedestrian surfaces as they were in the seventeenth century. This number is worthy of a Guinness Book record, similar to the value of the Largest Group Hug record when nearly 10,000 people literally embraced their city